Understanding The Meat Labels

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When it comes to purchasing food items it is essential to have a good knowledge of the labels on them. There are various terms used for labeling meat and the most commonly used ones are given below:

1. Grass fed:

In meat products with the grass-fed label, it means that the animals are raised on pasture and given a diet that consists of grass. In addition, the animals have not been exposed to steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones which make them a healthier option for meat.

2. Organic

For meat that carry the organic label it means that the animals were raised on special organic pastures that follow strict rules for raising the animals. The cattle on organic farms are given sufficient space to roam around and are not overcrowded. Moreover, the organic label also means that the cattle has been safe from exposure to GMO, pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

3. Free Range Meat:

The animals raised under this meat label have access to outdoors. This outdoor access does not always have to be a pasture, it could be gravel or dirt, anything as long as it is not confined to be raised in an artificially created indoor space.

4. Natural:

This type of label is used by organic meat delivery Sydney to inform the consumers of meat that it does not contain any added preservatives, salt or artificial flavoring.

Purchasing meat can be a tricky process if you do not have sufficient information about the labels used to classify different types of meat. Therefore, these descriptions of labels serve as a guide to help you find the right meat the next time you go for grocery.


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