Types Of Cable Reels

Cable reels are round and very similar to drums. They are used for carrying different types of cables and wires and are also known as drums sometimes. They are being used for transporting cables, wires, fibre optic cables and ropes for a long time now. One of the most commonly used type of cable reels is a spool. Following are some other commonly used types of cable reels are:


1. Wooden drums

There are further three varieties of wooden drums and those are:

  • For export purpose
  • For single trips, one-way drums
  • Steel tyred that can be used multiple times.

Each one of these drums is made from resinous wood and is able to withstand heavy cables and wires. Moreover, these drums are economical as they are made from wood. They are usually used at construction sites.

2. Plywood Drums

Plywood drums are usually made from birch or poplar ply due to which they are light in weight and yet are strong enough to carry cable or wire reels. They are used for transporting lighter cables and wires and are relatively economical when compared to other types of cable drums. They are usually used on construction sites and by commercial electrician.

3. Plastic Drum

These drums are made up of recycled plastic due to which these are considered as environment friendly. Similar to plywood drums, they are also used to carry relatively lighter cables and wires. These drums last longer than the other types.

You can also attach cable reels to a cable reel trailer for longer routes.


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