Practices For Those Who Recently Had Cataract Surgery

For an eye that normally has clear lens, there lays a point where it eventually clouds up and that can be called a cataract. Most people who are really old get to experience this and it would be bad to experience vision loss afterward. If not treated well, there is a chance for you to become blind. Thankfully, that can be treated through surgery as long as your condition is all ready to take it. Your sense of sight should be given consideration so you can continue seeing while living.

Good for you if you had surgery already since that eventually heals later on. However, people should not simply ignore some factors during the healing process so that it does not let you experience bad effects. Your recovery process can be quicker anyway if ever you prevent doing harmful activities. You better know about the practices for those who recently had cataract surgery San Antonio TX.
Avoid doing lots of heavy physical activities like heavy lifting and working out excessively. Indeed, there is nothing wrong in exercising but you should keep in mind that your body is still recovering. You deserve to have some rest for a while until you have fully healed. Light physical activities are alright for you though.
Swimming is something to avoid. Contaminants can possibly reach your eye as you swim with your eyes open underwater. An infection might harm it and that can possibly trigger a problem at some point. You should be careful at what gets exposed to it then because even makeup products and foreign substances could cause something bad.
Speaking of contaminants, you should always cover the eyes when strong winds are going on. Chances are the dust might affect the eye badly. Those are dirty anyway and it could make the eye red and other unpleasant effects. It works best to have a handkerchief with you all the time to cover yourself outside when there is a wind.
You prevent using computers and cellphones for long hours. You can still use those devices though but not for a really long time. Your eyes eventually get harmed that way and you only delay the time of your recovery. The radiation involved might get strong so you learn to limit the duration in using it then.
As much as possible, you try not to drive vehicles first. You better allow a friend to drive you in reaching destinations or consider public transportation perhaps. That is for your safety actually because healing is also your adjustment process. Therefore, you have to wait for your sight to recover properly until you drive again.
Rubbing every eye is never a good practice. Irritation is a big possibility in letting that happen. You better learn to control even if it seems a bit itchy for your safety.

Always be careful of your surroundings. Healing process is not going to let you fully see yet and that means you are still adjusting. Thus, you move slowly in walking on the streets or walking through the stairs. Avoid having objects to hit it then.