Increases the Demand For Property in Turkey

Together with the true real estate and financial problems from the U.S., and too similar to annoying fiscal information across Earth, it’s a refreshing change of pace to view positive news from Turkey. Especially today, with the home market issues beginning to back their heads in the U.S.

Commercial real estate picture, Turkey’s commercial info is magnificent, acquiring a green color. With roughly 50,000 square feet and 165 stores, there’s absolutely not any deficiency of purchasing opportunity, along with dining at a huge collection of restaurants and cafes. If you are looking to buy property in Istanbul then¬†check out this site.



The exceptional design and concentrate on leisure place create this shopping center a welcome addition to this city. This green project combines wind turbines technology, rainwater accumulation, heating pools, and a co-generation plant. Gordon Shopping Center is the very first BREEAM-certified green and green construction buying center in Ankara.

Around 714 Italian companies now run business in Turkey, including Pirelli, Fiat Italcementi and UniCredit. Italy’s USD 5 billion in direct investments in Turkey accounts for roughly 3% of total international trade in the country, and current trade between both countries is roughly USD 20 billion.

Italy follows only Russia and Germany because Italy’s third most important trade partner. Visits are scheduled to get Italian organization to find out more about the development of technoparks in many different areas of Turkey.Whether green construction or technoparks, then Turkey’s future is looking very bright with regard to important growth and improved foreign market.