Guidelines For Cable Drum Handling During Transport And Storage

Cable drums are one of the most important equipment that is used for transportation and storage purposes. Mishandling of these drums and their stand can cause damage to the cable. So it is very important to handle it carefully. Following are a few guidelines that can help you in transportation and storage of cable drums:

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  1. If you are using forklift for loading and unloading a cable drum, make sure its arms should not touch the cable. If you are using an axle or crane for lifting a cable drum ensure that you do not use lateral pressure extension of the drum.
  2. Make sure you use proper equipment for unloading and loading cable drum especially if they are placed on a height. Also ensure that drums do not get dropped from a container, ramp or truck.
  3. Before loading cables on the drum, the screws that hold the flanges should be thoroughly inspected.
  4. If weather is hot and dry then screws should be tightened so that it compensates for the wood affected by weather conditions.
  5. Use proper tools for tightening the screws like torque wrench or similar equipment. Tighten the screws before the cables drums are loaded in the vehicle.
  6. When transporting the drums make sure they are in an upright position. This way there are lesser chances that the drum or the cable will get damaged in case of a bumpy ride.

The good thing is you can easily get cable drum stands for sale that can help you in transporting cables.


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