Basic Qualities and Skills for Playing Badminton

Most of the games in life are pretty unpredictable. At one moment, Lady Luck is giving you her most benevolent smile and then all of a sudden, the whole fate turns turtle on you. All this time, the whole thinking procedure turns numb, wondering where the mistake was committed.

This is the story of badminton, considered by many as one of the easiest sport. Everyone regards himself as an expert in it because according to them, it doesn’t require much skill. A myth which has to be dispelled. Badminton has its own share of twists and we all must have experienced some of it when we challenged someone for a game. Generally, one comes across these three kinds of opponents:

  • Aggressive Attacker- Prefers a fast paced game and adores smash shots; their skill set is such that they keep their opponent guessing.
  • Attacking Thinker- He is the trickiest opponent. Equally favors both smash and well paced shots. His mind is the most difficult to gauge.
  • Aggressive Defender- Aims at returning all the shots served in his/her direction. They like to keep the pace of the game which sometimes makes it rather dull. Their opponent tend to lose interest which makes an easy target.

Now when the mindsets of opponents have been identified, its easier to take them down. Listed are few simple steps to increase your efficiency at the game.

  • Improve your skills- If you are good at any particular aspect, then make it perfect. A strong point is always an added benefit.
  • Smash- Make it to the point, sharp and perfect. The power of smash comes from impact and not build up. It should create a feeling of dread in your opponent.
  • Legs- Speed up your footwork and try to make yourself agile. Few gymnastic lessons would certainly make the legs flexible!!
  • Get a nice pair of shoes too. Improve jumping ability so as to return any shot from highest point also.
  • Improve defense skills- For e.g. – confuse opponent by pretending to do a smash shot.
  • Last but not the least- Be disciplined and practice daily. Give it at least two hours from your daily routine.

After all it takes more than a speeding bullet to penetrate the enemy’s defense line.